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Luncheon Menu

The Luncheon Menu for the day offers a variety of tasty  dishes, filling enough to satisfy and light enough to leave room for one of our desserts.  We change the menu frequently, adding new items and varying some of  the most popular ones with slight tweaking of recipies or combinations of items.  Below are some samples:
Chicken Salad -- A most tasty serving of freshly prepared chicken breasts with Myrna's special blend of fruit, nuts and herbs. 
 Served with a green salad.........$12.95
Ravioli -- Served with a walnut cream sauce and a green salad.......$11.95

Quiche -- It's usually quiche Lorraine, but Myrna just might surprise you with one of her many other versions........$12.95

Shrimp and Grits--Myrna's own Cheese Grits Recipe, served with a green salad........$14.95

Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast--This is just one of the Daily Specials that we offer. These Chef's Specials change weekly......$12.95

Seafood Choice--The week's seafood selection served with a green salad........$14.95

And you can't go wrong when you top off your meal with a slice of our chocolate fudge pie, topped with ice cream or clotted cream.  Maybe Myrna has baked an almond cake and you can have a slice of that.  

Whatever you choose will be delicious.

Dinner at Tea on the Mountain

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights by Reservation




                     Appetizers                                          Salads   

                     Cup of Soup     $5.00                     Mixed Greens   $5.00

                     Scotch Egg      $5.00                       Spinach Salad   $5.00

                     Crab Cake        $5.00


            * Individual Beef Wellington                                                $28.95

            *  Ribeye Steak                                                                              $21.95

            *  Filet Steak                                                                                   $21.95

            *  Sirloin Strip Steak                                                                    $21.95

            *  Rack of Lamb                                                                              $21.95

             Roast Cornish Hen with honey-apricot glaze         $17.95                

             Shrimp Scampi in a delicate garlic-lemon sauce    $16.95

            Filet of Salmon with Honey Mustard Glaze              $15.95


   All entrees served with a choice of Baked Potato, Cheese Grits, Orzo, Brown Rice

   and a Seasonal Vegetable. A small salad may be substituted for any of the above.




  Fudge Pie $4.00, Bread Pudding $5.00, Cake of the Day $4.00, Creme Broulee, $5.00

                           Chess Pie $4.00,  Pavlova $6.95


                              Beverages   $2.00               BYOB


      Call 931-592-4832 for Reservations                Visa, Mastercard,Discover and American Express Accepted                            


       *consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry , eggs or seafood may increase risk of foodbourne illness.                                                                                                                                   PLEASE..if you have food allergies tell us BEFORE ordering